Pleasure boating

Two activities are linked to pleasure boating:

Activities to support vessels en route

The so-called “AAA of the Sea”, the end result of an agreement between our national association of boatmen, known as A.N.G.O.P.I. (Associazione Nazionale Gruppi Ormeggiatori Porti Italiani), and the General Command of the Harbourmaster Offices MARI.CO.GE.CAP., is regulated by CO.GE.CAP. dispatches

no. 82/44512/II of 16/07/04,

no. 82/03225/II of 20/01/05

no. 02.02/60404 of 28/06/06

at the costs indicated in a specific table which can be consulted on line.

This activity is carried out by the Boatmen Groups whose operations are constantly coordinated by the Maritime Authority. The Italian Boatmen Groups, which are members of A.N.G.O.P.I. and represent about 90 Italian ports, provide the service to those vessels that for technical reasons, during navigation, are unable to continue under their own power and reach their berth in port. The service provided is absolutely functional to the characteristics of the units which are regularly fitted out, manned and compliant with the onboard documents and safety certifications.

It is important to point out that for Sailornet members ( this support activity is provided absolutely free of charge.


Assistance to vessels during shifting operations 

This service is provided by the Boatmen Group of Ravenna to vessels that, unable to move on their own power, must be shifted from their berth to a shipyard or, vice versa, within the port of Ravenna.

The fixed cost for such operations is € 129.11 plus surcharges for any overtime or holiday hours: 50% for night-time operations (8 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and 50% for holidays.

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