A new statute and the new mooring service regulation

A new statute and the new mooring service regulation

On September 28th 2018, at the headquarters of the Ormeggiatori Group of the Port of Ravenna in via Fabbrica Vecchia n.5, 48122 Marina di Ravenna (RA), the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting was held with which the new corporate statute was approved .
The date marks an epoch-making passage for the mooring operators, as the adoption of the new Statute, prepared by the Board of Directors and in compliance with that approved and sent by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, puts an end to the known management problems represented by the dichotomy Group / Cooperative, derived from the existing duplicity of entities, on the one hand the Group of Moorings as defined by the Navigation Code and on the other the legal entity carrying out the activity, established in the form of a cooperative company such as the cooperative “Gruppo Ormeggiatori del Porto di Ravenna Cooperative Society ”and therefore the Group’s discipline is definitively absorbed by the adoption of the new Articles of Association.
The overcoming of this dualism was possible through the application of art. 14, paragraph 1 quinquies of Legislative Decree 84/94 as amended and supplemented by article 10, paragraph 1, letter b), of Legislative Decree 13 December 2017, n. 232 by virtue of which “Following the exercise of the powers of the master of the port provided for by article 81 of the Navigation Code and by article 209 of the relative Implementing Regulation, the mooringmen registered in the relevant register after specific bankruptcy procedure are constituted in cooperative Society.
The operation and organization of this company are subject to the supervision and control of the Port Commander and the statute and any amendments thereto are approved by the port commander according to the directives issued on the subject by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
On October 29, 2018, with Decree 309/2018, the Port Commander definitively approves the statute of the Mooring Group of the port of Ravenna cooperative society.
Subsequently, on 07 March 2019 the Maritime Director of Emilia Romagna and Commander of the port of Ravenna, Captain of Vascello Pietro Ruberto, with the issuance of the Ordinance N ° 15/2019 approves and enforces the new Regulations for the Mooring Service in the port and harbor of Ravenna.